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Faculty of Sciences of Gafsa, Tunisia

In Tunisia, the Company of Phosphates of Gafsa (CPG) is ranked among the most phosphate producer’s worldwide (Nasariah et al. 1988; Tijani and Fakhfakh 2011). The company marketable phosphate production reached 8 million tons per year with a water consumption of up to 10.5× 106 m3 (Tijani and Fakhfakh 2011) and the phosphate processing wastewaters (PPWW) were discharged randomly into environment. The few studies on the impact of this kind of effluent were restricted to the works of  Mekki et al. (2016) and Mekki and
Syedi (2017). Therefore, the in vivo toxicity, genotoxicity and phytotoxicity  were not investigated until now. For this reason, it will be of great interest to focus on:

  • A deep analytical study by using chromatography (UPLC-MS-MS)
  • Ecotoxicological potential of phosphate processing wastewaters.
  • bioremediation.


The  trainee will be supervised be by Bouthaina Brahmi, PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Mohamed Ali Borgi (ORCID: Mohamed Ali Borgi (0000-0003-1314-9544))  in Research Unit of Macromolecular Biochemistry and Genetics, Faculty of Sciences of Gafsa, Tunisia.

The student Bouthaina Brahmi will benefit of a scholarship of 1000 euro per month (during two months).

Contact : Bouthaina Brahmi  (

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